At some point ISIS needs to realize they don't stack up to the U.S. military. In this video, ISIS shoots at U.S. chopper and quickly realizes it was a bad move.

This is great footage of our own proud American military stopping these ISIS militants in their tracks. These losers were brought to instance justice.

Also note how viral this clip has went. It is closing in on 4 million views! It is great footage where you can see exactly what happens. ISIS is shooting at a U.S. chopper and then the chopper responds with brutal force. Let this serve as a reminder to ISIS that the United States is not playing around. If you put our soldiers lives in jeopardy, they will respond strongly and swiftly.

Watch the video.

ISIS Shoots at U.S. Chopper, Pays For It BIG-TIME

Pretty freaking sweet, isn't it? Here is another video of the scumbags from ISIS getting DEALT WITH.

It seems as if ISIS will never figure this out. They are in over their heads and have no chance of stacking up against the U.S. military. If they continue with acts like the one in Manchester, they are going to end up getting blown completely off the map.

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