I've seen liberals do some stupid things, but this one definitely goes towards the top of the list.

These morons actually gathered together in a large group to protest...get this...having to vote in person.

Here's what I think about this and what I think about these lefties. I wholeheartedly believe that they are too stupid to be voting for our next president.

I mean it. If can't realize that what they're doing is the reason why they are able to vote in person on Election Day, then they are too stupid to choose who should run the country.

Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez posted a video on Twitter claiming the protest in NW DC is against President Trump’s “efforts to hinder mail-in voting.”

The home of Postmaster-General Louis DeJoy was swarmed by these people who want to push the narrative that President Trump is trying to stop mail-in voting because he wants to cheat on the election. The fact is that President Trump wants two things: He wants the USPS to be reformed since it’s $69 BILLION in debt. It’s what he sent the new postmaster in to do. The second thing is that President Trump knows mail-in voting will leave the election open to massive fraud and that the USPS isn’t set up to handle the mail-in ballots. The election is too close to set up mail-in voting without it being a disaster.

Richard Grenell said, “The Postal Service has lost $69 billion over the past 11 fiscal years, including $3.9 billion in fiscal year 2018. Politicians shouldn’t give more taxpayer dollars to failing programs until they are reformed.”

There were plenty of Twitter users who let them know how stupid they were acting and how ironic/hypocritical this was:

Protesting IN PERSON!

Having voted IN PERSON they just need to STFU (along with YOU, the BIASED leftist #fakenewswapo) and VOTE IN PERSON like the FREE people they "claim" to be!


On November 3rd, they should all go to a voting polling site and protest there too. Walk inside also and show us how voting in person would be dangerous. That would show us all.


They can't vote in person but they can protest in person
Typical hypocritical Democrats


100% Fed Up

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