Iran held street protests in Tehran for Revolution Day Rallies. Iranian protesters burn US flags and chant "Death to USA" while doing so. Check it out.

They are still carrying Obama sticks. Sticks that show Obama being much darker than he actually is.

barack obama sticks, donald trump sticks

The protesters chanted DEATH TO USA

They torched American flags.

Iranian Protesters Burn US Flags

Iranian Protesters Burn US Flags and Chant Death to USA at Revolution Day Rallies - VIDEO, burn american flags iran

There was one posted that showed Hillary creating ISIS blankets.

hillary created isis, isis blankets

But still, the star of the day was Donald Trump.

Somehow, liberals wonder why we are hesitant to let these people into our country.

iran donald trump

Here is more video from the protests.

These people are sick and letting them into our country is unsafe.


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