Remember that guy who lied about seeing dead bodies float by his hotel during Katrina in New Orleans? Also he was forced down from a helicopter by enemy fire in Iraq. Yeah, except those things didn't actually happen. And those weren't his only two lies. How about when the inventor of fake news condemns fake news. That's when you know this fake news thing is out of control.

Brian Williams Condemns Fake News

"As we talked about here last night, fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience. A Buzzfeed study of Donald Trump’s own tweets where they follow back news stories to their root source found more of them came from Breitbart originally than any other single source." 

Who better to talk about fake news than Brian Williams? This guy actually lost his job for pushing fake news. Coming on the air and condemning fake news is a bold move considering what he has on his resume.

It's hilarious that they keep this guy on the air. He has zero credibility and everyone knows it. At this point it seems like he is just making a mockery of himself.

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The Inventor of Fake News Condemns Fake News

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