On Monday there was a terrorist attack in downtown Manhattan. Instead of reporting on terror attacks, CNN and MSNBC report on President Trump's love of Diet Coke and TV habits.

Initial reports indicated that this was probably a terror attack. As details began to surface, CNN and MSNBC opted to spend most of their time talking about a New York Times story about President Trump that involved a life in the day of President Trump. Instead of focusing on a massive story where details were coming to light.

The main topics they focused on CNN? Trump's TV-watching habits and the amount of Diet Coke he drinks.

Check it out:

“This is not, okay, what doctors would recommend!” anchor Alisyn Camerota weighed in about the amount of Diet Coke.

“The thing that would concern me more is this consistent consumption of fats and sugars and all sorts of stuff that’s bad for you,” D’Antonio countered. “Any physician would tell you that’s a recipe for problems.”

You would think MSNBC might use their time to report on the main story in the United States. Wrong. They talked about the same story.


The MSNBC anchor Nick Confessore went after Trump for the amount of TV he watches.

“How does this affect the work flow of a White House?” Confessore questioned.

During this time Fox News was covering the terror attack, bypassing commercial breaks.

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