Insane Interview With Anti-Gun Parkland Students – VIDEO

On Monday Twitter hosted an insane interview with anti-gun left-wing activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School for a talk about their “Never Again” movement. People were able to submit questions to them with the hashtab “#AskMSDStudents.

This quickly turned into a circus show. The students were making statements that were not even close to true, but the moderator just let it go.

At one point one of the students said mass shootings like they went through “happen every day.”

David Hogg claims that he is a political expert because he watches “House of Cards” and that the show is just like “real life.”

At one point Hogg ripped on himself for being one of the “rich white men” that create a “disgusting” situation.

The students rip Kyle Kashuv because he does not share their views.

The left continues to use these kids to push their narrative.

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