People need to know how to defend themselves in the unforeseen circumstance that one ever comes under attack.

You honestly never know who is watching you, following you, or waiting to make a move to attack.

Most people don't know how to defend themselves against attackers or they aren't ready when they are attacked. Situational awareness is key oftentimes.

How many times have we seen someone get punched or attacked when they weren't aware of what was happening?

In Arlington, TX a 62-year-old man was walking in the parking lot when someone came up to him and asked him if he was trying to fight. Then the thug took some swings at the man not knowing that he actually knew Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

What resulted was the older man putting him in a rear-naked chokehold until he went limp and then going back inside to get police and to warn others not to go outside.

Former Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Coach Adam Nadow had this to say about it on social media:

“Former fudoshin bjj student and military vet. 62 year old Mike lowery was attacked in Arlington Texas around 6am on his way to get cardio. We just spoke early this morning and he was praising me for his brief training at fudoshin. Claimed it saved his life during an altercation. Mike was able to assess the situation and act accordingly. Even basic bjj and limited classes helped him survive and thrive under duress. I had to point out that his military training played a big role hear as well.

He was hit while trying to get away. The fight was on, he punched back, closed distance, took the attacker down and dominated top control. Ground and pound until attacker gave his back, then…. rnc for lights out.

BJJ basics kicked in when he needed it. More videos to follow as I have to share them from his page.
Even an experience war VET, and verified life bad ass gets scared. Know what to do, an attacker does care if you are scared or not, mike offered the guy money and was begging him to let him walk away. But as we see…. logic lost…. combat insured bjj won.”

The man did an incredible job defending himself and I'm glad he was able to take down the thug who thought he was going to pick on an older man.

Jiu-Jitsu Times

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