We've all heard the stories. "Illegal immigrants do the work we won't." Is there any truth to it? In this video, illegal immigrants working for dirt cheap wages is debunked.

You've probably been to a Home Depot and seen loads of Mexicans lined up looking for work. These guys have been compared to slaves due to the wages they earn. We have no idea what they really make. That is, until these two very, very brave men decided to go investigate for themselves. They went right into the belly of the beast and got the answers we were looking for.

Watch the video.

Illegal Immigrants Working for Dirt Cheap Wages DEBUNKED

Well, look at that. So many of the liberals claims were debunked. Imagine that!

First off, these illegals don't make poor wages at all. $160 for 6 hours, tax free? Who wouldn't take a job earning those wages? Keep in mind this job is entry level. EXTREMELY entry level.

So let's get a few things straight. First off, the Mexicans aren't working in conditions that are similar to a sweatshop. Second, they're not paying taxes. Third, these guys are sending the money back home, so it is doing nothing for the economy. They are leaving the women and children behind so they can come here, earn money and send it home. All while not paying taxes on all money earned.

This is an incredible job by Steven Crowder showing all of the downsides to allowing illegal immigrants into this country.

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