In the last few days Hillary Clinton has bashed Trump for using a current law to avoid taxes. As it turns out, hypocritical Hillary has used the same tax loophole to save herself money.

Hillary posted several attacking Tweets, going after Trump for his usage of a current law. Which is, keep in mind, perfectly legal.

Now there is breaking news that Hillary used the same law to save money on her taxes last year.

While Hillary was busy attacking Trump for the handling of his taxes, she forgot that there is public information on her out there as well. Let's take a look at Hillary's 2015 tax returns. There appears to be something incriminating on page 17.

hypocritical hillary tax information


Hypocritical Hillary Uses Same Tax Loophole She Bashed Trump For Using

While it is not on the scale of what Trump's "operating loss" was, it is still Hillary using the exact same law to protect her business. Just like other wealthy people, Hillary is taking advantage of a perfectly legal scheme to avoid paying taxes. But remember, it was so awful when Trump did the exact same thing.

The Clintons continue to be hypocritical and keep on telling lies. This is a perfect example of why she is not fit to be the president.

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