Hunter Biden's laptop and hard drive, which was leaked by the laptop repairman in Delaware.

This little piece of technology has been shown to contain very sensitive and damning information.

Some of the information on there also contained contact information on very important people ranging from political figures to celebrities.

The funny thing is, a laptop as important as that is only given a very easy password, even for novice hackers, the password is 'Hunter02'.

He's just begging to be hacked with a password like this and this is the same man that his Joe Biden called, "the smartest guy I know".

The information on the laptop was spread by the New York Post newspaper. The hard drive contained a lot of identity, contacts and Biden Secret Service details. Contacts of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton also exist as well as contact information for most of Obama's former cabinets.

This laptop also contains personal information about Hollywood celebrities as well as about Hunter Biden's drug problems, his Social Security numbers and financial information.

The computer actually directly implicates the former vice president in his son’s foreign business deals, according to multiple reports, which were first broken last month by the New York Post.

The reports have since been corroborated by private individuals and a few intrepid reporters, and they are extremely credible.

They portray a candidate in Biden who could potentially be a target for blackmail if he is elected.

A former British laptop security expert and police officer told The Mail on Sunday that the laptop presented a security threat.

“It’s a data breach and dangerous to have this type of material floating around,” Chris Greany, who as acted as an adviser to British foreign secretaries, told the newspaper.

This laptop can be a security threat and can be used as a tool to blackmail Joe Biden if he is elected president later. With this event, voters can have further consideration and be careful when choosing.

This is a key reason why Biden can't win the election. If he does, our entire country will be compromised and sold out to China.

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