As you can count on with the far left mainstream media, they want nothing more than for President Trump to look bad. HuffPo attempts to run an anti-Trump poll, but failed miserably.

They put a poll up on Twitter that was polling the public opinion of President Trump's State of the Union address. Keep in mind they were polling their mostly left-wing viewers. How did they try to rig it? By making three of the choices negative and just one positive.

Despite their best efforts, the one positive response got 77% of the votes.

Nice try, HuffPo!

It seems their poll was pretty reflective of what the American people thought about the Trump State of the Union address. A CBS poll found that 75% of Americans approved of the speech. He scored very high with Republicans, as you may expect and interestingly with Independents.

Additionally, Trump is rising in general popularity as well. According to Monmouth Polling, he has increased in approval rating dramatically in January, rising up to 45% approval.

Hilariously, HuffPo tried to spin the SOTU address as a win for Obama. Because less people viewed President Trump's address compared to Obama, they called it a loss for President Trump.

Per HuffPo:

The TV-viewing figures for President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address are in, and he’s not winning.

Trump averaged around 45.6 million viewers during his 80-minute speech to Congress and a TV audience on Tuesday night, according to media research company Nielsen, which collated data from 12 broadcast and cable networks.

That’s a 2.1 million dip from the 47.7 million people who watched Trump’s inaugural address to a joint session of Congress in 2017, and was lower than the number of people who watched former President Barack Obama’s speeches on similar occasions.

Obama scored 52.3 million for his inaugural address to a joint session of Congress in 2009, and just over 48 million for his first State of the Union speech in 2010. 

Viewing figures for the State of the Union speech usually decline during a president’s time in office. Obama’s final speech in 2016 was only seen by 31.3 million people.

Nevermind the fact that the stock market is booming and consumer confidence is skyrocketing. Nevermind that many people have "cut the cord" and no longer get cable due to the far left spin on everything. Trump had a couple million less viewers than Obama had in his address so he is losing.


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