Talk about using President Trump's name to draw attention to yourself. Radio shock jock Howard Stern takes credit for Donald Trump becoming president, though he did vote for Hillary Clinton and wishes was the one in office.

Stern also believes that Hillary Clinton made a mistake by never appearing on his show.

"If she had come on the show - the way I helped Donald was I let him come on and be a personality," Stern said.

When it comes to how he helped President Trump become elected, Stern said, "Whether you liked him or not ... people related to him as a human being."

He further elaborated on why Hillary Clinton had issues being elected and how he would have helped address that with her appearing on his show.

"The big knock against Hillary, especially with some of the male audience, was, 'Eh, we don't like her.'"

"I thought that perhaps if she came on my show, we could've stripped away some of the pomp and circumstance or the tightness that comes with running for president and, like Donald, she could've been seen in a different light."

Stern did give credit for one thing: being authentic.

"Donald Trump, hands down, whenever you put him on the air, now, this is before he was running for president, he was an open book," Stern said.

"He would say anything. And you know, oddly enough - during the campaign and even now, people quote these interviews that I did with him."

Stern is right about one thing. President Trump did win over America with his authenticity. His appearance on Howard Stern's show was a very small piece of the puzzle, but it was a piece of it. It doesn't matter if President Trump is at a rally in Montana or one on one with Howard Stern, he is the same person. The same can not be said for Hillary Clinton, who is like a chameleon, depending on where she is.

An example of an exchange where President Trump was very authentic was when they spoke of Trump's fear of germs. This interview happened in 1998. Stern asks Trump: "Let's say you're with a hot chick, right? But you're so germ paranoid, and I'm germ paranoid, do you say to them, “look you've got to go take a medical test before I do you”?"

The response was classic Trump.

"Well, you'd like to say that, and sometimes you do."

President Trump's authenticity is a big part of what led to him winning the 2016 election, but let's be real, Howard Stern can't take credit for him becoming president.

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