Chris Hayes from MSNBC recently had Rep. Al Green and he demonstrated the point that we've been saying all along, Democrats have after Trump's head from the very beginning.

You would think that Rep. Green would have taken this chance to reject that claim, but instead, he doubled down on it and admitted that they have been planning to impeach Trump since he started running for president.

“You just mentioned Political expediency and insincerity, those are two charges that have been leveled against Democrats during this entire affair, particularly since September when the formal impeachment inquiry started, and you play a starring role in those charges,” Hayes stated to Rep. Green.

“The argument goes like this of House Republicans and Trump and his allies: the Democrats wanted to impeach Donald Trump from day one, they cast about looking for a set of facts that they could plausibly use to do it, and all of it was pretextual and reverse-engineered to get to this point, Exhibit One: Congressman Al Green, whose been calling for the man’s impeachment for two years now,” Hayes explained. “What’s your response to that charge?”

"Well, the genesis of impeachment, to be very candid with you, was when the president was running for office and he had members of his own party to talk about his unfitness to hold office. So the president didn't have the luxury of persons from his party having been on his side as it were throughout this entire ordeal."

Liberals want to try and brush it off whenever President Trump says that he's been attacked more than any other former president, politically speaking that is, and he's right.

The Democrats are so crazy about this that they don't even agree with each other. And now they have the audacity to try to complain about the Senate not treating this impeachment trial fairly? GTFOH!

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