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Talk about something that's insane, the media is already trying to tell the public what they should be afraid of next.

Just as things are finally starting to ease up just the slightest bit, the media starts pushing the story about the "murder hornet" and how it has now been seen in America.

They're not giving you the full story though. They're just giving you enough to scare you.

Here's what they're not telling you...

There was only one hornet found that I'm aware of. I have heard 4, but haven't seen any real proof of that. Also, when they found the hornet it was already dead. There are no colonies anywhere. For all we know, it could have been dead the whole trip from Asia to America.

Now there are some news outlets reporting that there are hundreds, but they aren't actually spotting murder hornets, they're another type of hornet that looks very similar. A European hornet looks like a murder hornet, and this is likely what they're seeing.

Also, you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of getting stung and dying from one of these hornets.

Then there are those who are worried about them decimating the honeybee population. It's not going to happen for a number of reasons.

There are a lot of beekeepers in the United States. They're not going to allow them to take out their bees. If colonies of the hornets are ever found, they're going to be destroyed.

Then on top of all of that, not all honeybees aren't defenseless against murder hornets.

Unlike European honeybees, the Japanese bees, when attacked, form into a “hot defensive bee balls” around the intruder. They vibrate their bodies, which raises the temperature to 116 Fahrenheit. The Japanese bees can withstand 117 degrees — the Asian giant hornet, 115 degrees.

So, a swarm that surrounds a hornet literally cooks the intruder to death.

A National Geographic video captured the defensive strategy in action. In the clip, a “murder hornet,” sent out to scout a hive, flies up and strolls in, unaccosted. The honeybees appear to be going about their business until, all at once, they attack. Hundreds of honeybees swarm the intruder, and thermal photography shows the temperature inside the writhing ball rising to 116 degrees, roasting the hornet alive.

This is absolutely amazing. Watch:

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