The left want the American public to believe that the detention centers that we have at the U.S./Mexico border are the same thing as the concentration camps that Jews were in back in the 1940s.

This, of course, is extremely far from the truth, but they don't care about facts, they only care about feelings and what people think. Also, they seem to not care about the laws of our country and how they are protecting us.

Joy Behar from ABC's "The View" tried to push her agenda on an actual Holocaust survivor, Millie Baran. She soon found out that she wasn't going to run with her agenda.

Behar said, “Millie, we just heard in the video that you had to wait over four years before you could come into this country,” Behar started. “…You know, some people are experiencing that right now in our country. These children are at the border. They’re not letting people in and it’s just tragic to me and to you, I’m sure. Would you like to speak to that at all?”

Millie first of all expressed empathy in that it is unfortunate that children at the border are separated from their families, but then she reminded her how great America actually is.

Millie said, “I realized, who doesn’t want to come to America? The best land in the world. The lucky ones who can come here, a land of opportunity, of freedom. To us, it was a dream to get here. Naturally, it was worth it to wait, because when we came here, I practically kissed the earth.”

She continued saying that coming to America “for us, a miracle, a miracle what happened. And when we saw what happened with the people who wanted to come to America, naturally… it’s a land of laws. You cannot just come and want to come in, but I’m sure that the United States will find a way how to accommodate people who want freedom…who want a good life."

Watch The Clip Below.

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