Bill Cosby has officially been labeled a sexual predator. He is now going to be behind bars for 3-10 years. Despite this he is keeping his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He went from playing America's Dad to being locked up for 3 to 10 years for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

It's a very emotionally charged situation. Everyone loved Cosby so much. The Huxtables were so popular. Then a man we all tuned into and loved to watch turned out to be a sexual predator and disgusting man.

Despite this the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is keeping his star intact and on display. Many people are not happy about this. Someone spray painted "Serial rapist" on Cosby's star. This was quickly polished off by the Chamber. While this was happening Cosby's mugshot was released.

According to the Chamber, only the professional accomplishments of people should be recognized. So even though he was charged and arrested for sexual assault, he keeps his star.

At least Cosby did have an award revoked. Per

One positive note is that The Television Critics Association (TCA) isn’t following in the Chamber’s steps. For the first time ever, they have rescinded an award. They stripped Cosby of the Career Achievement Award he received from TCA in 2002.

“Since the inaugural TCA Award for Lifetime Achievement was presented to Grant Tinker in 1985, this is the first time there has been a groundswell to vacate an honor,” TCA president Daniel Fienberg commented about the revocation. “It was essential that the entire membership have the opportunity to vote and the results were decisive.”

It shouldn’t take a lot of courage to do the right thing. Bill Cosbyshould not be honored as he is a violent sexual predator. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce should do the right thing and stop promoting Cosby. He was never the man we all believed him to be.

Meanwhile the left is on an all-out assault when it comes to Brett Kavanaugh. These women accused him of sexual assault 30+ years ago with very shaky details. Cosby has been locked up for his crimes and the still let his star remain.

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