Hillary's Top 5 Debate Lies - Must See Video!

As usual there will always be controversy with a list of Hillary top lies. It's because there are always too many to remember. But here are Hillary's top 5 debate lies. Let's go ahead and call them Hillary's top 5 deplorable lies. These lies were all delivered during her first debate against Donald Trump.

Check out the video.

Hillary's Top 5 Debate Lies

All night Trump was being fact checked over and over while Hillary was not at all. Well this video does a good job of that. On top of that, Lester Holt challenged everything Donald Trump said while never going near doing the same with Hillary.

These are not little white lies either by Hillary Clinton. The lies are major about important parts of her campaign. For example the Trans Pacific Partnership. Donald Trump said that Hillary Clinton championed this agreement and he was correct about this. Many different news outlets have confirmed that Trump was right in this one, as much as I am sure they hated to do so. She even said that college will be completely free but left out some key things. Room and board will not be free and that is a major expense. She learned this strategy from her old friend Bernie Sanders.

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top 5 hillary clinton debate lies

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