Hillary's Response to LA Floods

Hillary Clinton has always had a problem with compassion. She claims to have loads of it, but has none. Hillary's response to LA floods proves that. Hillary claims that she relates to the average person, but believe me, she does not.

She made a phone call to Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to discuss the flooding. She said that the state's relief actions "can't afford any distractions." This was reported by KFMB.

Hillary also took it a step further to say her heartbreaks for Louisiana on Facebook. That's hard to believe, but whatever.

Meanwhile, Trump was actually in Louisiana helping with the relief efforts. Obama was vacationing and golfing at Martha's Vineyard. But he couldn't be bothered by rain in Louisiana.

Finally Trump shamed Obama into helping with the floods. Many would say he's a day late and a dollar short. At least. But at least he is finally heading down their Tuesday to provide some type of support for the area.

It will be difficult for Hillary to get any type of support in Louisiana. She may have been fearful to damage her expensive shoes or pantsuits. Besides isn't a phone call just as good as going down their to visit? And don't people use Facebook posts as a true way to show compassion? It does show how much she cares, which is not much at all.

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