On Friday Hillary Clinton's 2015 tax returns were released. It showed they donated 9% of their income to charity. Hillary's biggest charity donation is not what you may expect. Even her donations turn into Hillary Clinton lies.

Hillary's Biggest Charity Donation Went to One Place

Hillary's Biggest Charity Donation Clinton Foundation

96% of Hillary's donations charity donations went to the same place. Guess where they went? To the Clinton Foundation. You know, the slush fund that is used for money laundering and allow the Clintons to support their friends and allies. They are able to use this money to pay for their huge expenses. While it looks good on paper that they are donating to charity, most of this money is far from being used for charity.

Although money donated to the Clinton Foundation sometimes is used for charity, many times it does not. The money goes toward exorbitant expenses, including the high salaries of the employees and the crazy overhead costs. As usual, we work harder, while the Clintons get richer. Is this the type of arrangement you want while she is president for the next 4 to 8 years? I don't think so. Don't forget the Clinton Foundation pay to play scandal.

So to sum things up, the donation to the Clinton Foundation was used to pay the high salaries of their friends allow them to travel. Additional to that, they were able to write off 1 million dollars and save money in the process. Not what most people have in mind when they think of a charitable donation. It allowed them to pad their pockets and distance themselves from the "working class people" that the Clinton campaign insists they are able to relate with. They care about no one but themselves. They don't care about "regular people struggles" at all.

What do you think about Hillary Clinton's biggest charity donation going to the Clinton Foundation? The Clintons only care for themselves. Like and share on Facebook if you think this is a smokescreen used to save on taxes, while they continue to rake in cash.

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