This video is going viral as it shows everything that is wrong with Hillary Clinton. In fact, Hillary tried to ban this video. Check it out now.

She really gets caught in a straight up lie by Trey Gowdy. He takes exact figures that Hillary is giving and then reveals the true numbers. Huge lie.

But that's not all. There are so many different situations where she was laying repeatedly. Who knows how many things she has lied about that she got away with it.

How about when the guy asks her to autograph something and sign it Christopher Stephens? Then it's even better when he says "what difference does it make?"

Really it's an incredible video that highlights the Hillary Clinton lies, hypocrisy and all of the backstabbing she has done. It makes a mockery and her stances (or lack thereof). This is a woman that has changed her stances very regularly and stands for nothing.


Hillary Tried to Ban this Video

We need your help getting this video out. Please like and share on Facebook and we can spread the word and take her down. This woman is a real threat and if she gets into the White House it will be a disaster for this country moving forward.

Hillary Tried to Ban This Video


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