As you know, Hillary Clinton refuses to go away. Once again she is out of the woods and Hillary resurfaces to beg for money for her new PAC "Onward Together."

Additionally, Hillary unleashes a series of tweets that left everyone confused. She was attempting to inform the public about what she plans to do to help the Democratic Party "move forward" with "the resistance." Remember, the motto for this movement is, "resist, insist, persist, enlist." Perhaps the most mindbogglingly stupid motto of all-time.

After losing elections twice (three ties if you count re-counts) it takes some guts (or stupidity) to ask for more money. On her new site Hillary asks for donations, starting at $5.

So here comes Hillary to introduce her new PAC.

Here we go. She's just getting started.

Our voices were heard. They proclaimed "Hillary is a two-time loser!"

She even talks about voter freedom. This is a very tricky subject for her. Does this mean that more dead people will be allowed to vote? Will more illegal aliens be voting in the upcoming election?

You know she had to play the woman card.

Here are some groups to avoid like the plague.

She even uses one of her favorite words: inclusive. Does this include the deplorables?

Hillary Resurfaces to Beg For Money

It's mystifying that this woman is still roaming the streets. Even worse she is asking for money and trying to create more power and leverage for herself again. It seems a more reasonable thing for her to do would be sitting behind bars, paying the price for sending classified email over her private server. What's sick is people will actually donate money to this disaster. Is there any way she's not looking to run for president in 2020? Holy crap, are we really going to see another debacle by her?

Hillary, please go back to the woods.

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