Rajiv Fernando had donated upwards of $250,000 to the Clinton Campaign. On top of that he has donated over a million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. This is when the Hillary Pay to Play Scandal was born.

ABC News approached Rajiv after learning he was a part of the intelligence board, despite no experience. ABC was threatened to be arrested for approaching him and asking him questions.

Here are more juicy details on this scandal.


So this is nothing abnormal for Hillary. It looks like she was putting one of her top donors in a position of power, based on the amount of money that the person donated and not their credentials. It is obvious by this video that once the news outlets (such as ABC) figure out what is going on that Mr. Fernando becomes very rattled. The only want to know why he was appointed to the board. He looks quite alarmed and starts walking away and asks, "How did you know my name?" The people who are simply asking him questions are threatened to be arrested. Arrested for asking someone questions? Yes.

Cheryl Mills simply added the name to the list of the people on the board. There was no discussion with regards to why she was simply added. Well this video shows you exactly why. Then on top of that Cheryl Mills advised them to stall once they were being prodded about this situation. The next day Rajiv Fernando put in his resignation, as the heat was on and they realized that is what they had to do. To this day, Mr. Fernando is still a big time donor to the Clinton Campaign as well as the Clinton Foundation.

Once again Hillary and her team are making shady moves to get what they want. They were willing to make their own rules and play by them in order to get what they want. Like and share on Facebook if you are sick and tired of this stuff happening over and over again. Help us spread the word and make the public and the mainstream media acknowledge the Hillary Pay to Play scandal.

hillary pay to play scandal

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