Donald Trump has been very adamant about building a big, beautiful wall along the border with Mexico. Hillary hasn't been too fond of the idea. That said, Hillary hopes we forget about what she voted on 10 years ago. This is built to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants in from the Southern border. After all, is it really a country if it does not have borders?

Not only has Hillary not been fond of building the wall, but she has strongly opposed it. On top of that, she wants to grant amnesty to those living illegally in the United States.

To go along with her typical theme, Hillary does not always agree with what she is saying. To be clear, on September 29, 2006, Hillary voted for a fence to be built on the Southern border, according to the Daily Caller. Yep, that is completely true. Hillary voted for a fence to be built around the Southern border. This was going to be a 700 mile fence.


The bill she voted for was known as "The Secure Fence Act of 2006." It was being built to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico into the United States. Another part of the bill was to increase the spending on border patrol agents.

Hillary Hopes we forgot about her fence bill

How did Hillary justify voting in favor of this? By explaining that a fence was necessary to stop illegal immigration. Just as Donald Trump says now as a key component of his campaign.

“There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously: You know, secure our borders with technology and personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places,” Hillary said in support of this bill. Don't believe me? Here it is from the horse's mouth.


The fence did not work as well as Hillary had hoped for. Many illegal immigrants get past the fence every year. But that is OK. Donald Trump is ready to build a strong wall that illegal immigrants are unable to get past.

Hillary Hopes We Forget About Her Fence

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