Hillary Defends Paying For Fake Russia Dossier After Months Of Lying About It – VIDEO

When you think she can’t go lower, she proves you wrong. Hillary defends paying for fake Russia dossier after months of lying about it. This happened while she was on “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah on Wednesday night.

According to Hillary, Trump had to know people were reach out to the Russians to help him and hurt her.

“I mean, he has to know. We’ll find out what he knew and how involved he was, but he had to know that people were making outreach to Russians to the highest levels of the Kremlin, in order to help him, to hurt me, but more importantly to sow this divisiveness,” Hillary said.

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According to Hillary there is no way Trump could run his campaign without the Russians. The only way to defeat Hillary Clinton is to use the brilliance of the Russians.

Per The Gateway Pundit:

Of course Hillary downplayed the dossier, claiming it didn’t come out until after the election.

Hillary complained that the public was unaware that “the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign because of connections with Russia starting in the summer of 2016”.

“So I know that voters should have had that information. That’s something that may have influenced some people,” Hillary said.

Hillary Clinton’s arrogance is astounding. The FBI was investigating her during the 2016 presidential election and did everything they could to suppress that information from the public. Comey was directed to refer to the investigation as a matter and she has the nerve to complain?

Interestingly Hillary says Russia is a huge threat, yet her State Department signed off on handing over 20% of America’s Uranium reserves to a Russian nuclear firm (as $145 million flowed to the Clinton Foundation).

Hillary also blamed ‘sexism’ when asked why people “just want her to go away”.

Imagine the mental gymnastics it takes for Hillary Clinton to come to such conclusions.

Watch the video:

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