Hillary Clinton’s Former Top Aide Threatens Judge Brett Kavanaugh if Confirmed to SCOTUS Bench

This is complete insanity and it needs to be stopped. Hillary Clinton’s former top aide threatened Judge Brett Kavanaugh, if he is confirmed to the Supreme Court bench.

This was a former aide to not only Hillary Clinton, but also Chuck Schumer and Eric Holder. Brian Fallon is the aide who attacked the Senate Republicans and Judge Kavanaugh in a tweet on Friday morning.

It’s embarrassing that this is the point the Democratic Party has reached. Insanity is the new norm there. There is only one thing left to do and that is to completely crush them in November with a massive turnout of Republican voters.

Also, Fallon changed his profile to read “I believe Blasey Ford.” It’s tough to believe someone who isn’t even sure what they believe in. The only thing Blasey Ford was certain in, somehow, was when she was asked if she was sure it was Kavanaugh who nearly assaulted her 35 years ago. “100 percent certain,” she said.

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