It's long been pointed out by many that PolitiFact comes off as biased. Well now we know why. Hillary Clinton and PolitiFact share one megadonor.

Hillary Clinton and PolitiFact Share One Megadonor

There have been surveys done by George Washington and Minnesota University. These surveys have shown that Politifact rates Republican claims false three times as much ad Democratic claims.

During this election, PolitiFact has more or less been a member of the Hillary Clinton team. For one, they have defended the Hillary Clinton email lies, which is unbelievable. On top of that they have done fact checks of Donald Trump that are flat out wrong.

Finally there is information as to why PolitiFact has been such a fan of the Clinton campaign. Mark Tapscott at the Daily Caller uncovered some key information. The Clinton Foundation and PolitiFact share a major donor.

Per The Daily Caller:

Aaron Sharockman insisted Politifact had no financial ties whatsoever to the Clinton Foundation after publishing an error-laden critique of The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Sept. 19 report on “watered down” HIV/AIDS drugs given to millions of people in Africa by the former president’s controversial nonprofit.

“We have never received funding from the Omidyar Network, and we have no connection or relationship to the Clinton Foundation other than covering it,” Sharockman, who is Politifact’s executive director, told TheDCNF.

The reality is that Politifact shares a mega-donor with the Clinton Foundation. Here’s how:

The Omidyar Network was created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. So was the Democracy Fund. Both Omidyar groups fund various projects of the Poynter Institute, which owns the Tampa Bay Times, Politifact’s home base.

Hillary Clinton and PolitiFact Share One Megadonor

As if it wasn't enough that PolitiFact was doing inaccurate fact checks that are constantly on the side of Hillary. Now the reasons is uncovered why. PolitiFact has a big-time lack of credibility that can no longer be ignored. While PolitiFact was rating Hillary's claims as true, it was because they are on the same team.

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