The liberals love to throw the word "free around." That's why Hillary Clinton and other liberals are excited for New York's "free" college tuition plan.

As usual, the question that needs to be asked is, "Who is going to pay for this?"

Before looking at the plan for "free" tuition let's understand that both New Jersey and New York have the highest number of people leaving their state in the entire country.

"free" college tuition plan

New Jersey was ranked 1st in 2014 with 65% of their population moving out, opposed to moving in. New York state ranked 2nd with more people moving out than moving in as well.

On top of that, New York has a $3.5 billion deficit. Governor Cuomo hopes to attack that with additional taxes. However, the shrinking population is causing less taxes to be collected.

All of these things combined make the "free" college tuition plan a sketchy venture at best. It seems he is trying to garner more attention for a presidential bid, instead of doing what is best for his state.

Of course, it is doing its job of getting Governor Cuomo more attention. The liberal base is salivating at the thought of free college tuition.

Hillary Clinton and Cuomo are Fired up About "Free" College Tuition

Here are details on the plan per US Herald:

The Governor included the free tuition 4-year college plan titled “Excelsior Scholarship into his $163 billion dollar state budget on Saturday and has predicted approval by the Democratically controlled assembly.

The bill will cover tuition for any New York resident whose family earns less than $125,000 a year and are accepted in one of the states public 4-year colleges, which cost approximately $4,000 to $7,000 annually.

Moreover the “free tuition” will be available to roughly 80% of the 940,000 families that reside within the Empire State, which means that on average close to one million families would be eligible for the "not so free"...freebies.

This "free" tuition college plan isn't the only left-driven work Cuomo is doing. He is also attempting to put stronger gun control in place, raise minimum wage to $15 and add an additional $10-million dollar immigrant legal defense fund. He's just scratching the surface with free college tuition.

Please share this story and help us expose the scam that is "free" college tuition. Nothing is ever free as someone will be paying for is. This is another lie by the left that needs to be exposed and stopped.

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