Everyone knows why Hillary Clinton lost the election, except her. She is a freaking loser. Let's have fun with Hillary's delusion. In this music video, Hillary Clinton explains why she lost.

It's incredible she still has a platform to make these insane speeches. Somehow a tech conference thought she would be a good featured speaker. We all know she has a history of abusing technological devices, but that's neither here nor there. ReCode thought it was a great idea to book her and let her vent at their event.

Hillary was questioned on the reasons she lost. The list has became much longer since the last time she did an interview. It includes Donald Trump, #PizzaGate, the MSM, people who failed to vote, Islamophobes and more!

Even more amazingly, she blamed her own part, the Democratic Party! Despite the party conspiring to help her take down a socialist, she still found a way to throw shade at her own party. Many people from within the party will not take this lightly.

Surprisingly (or not), Hillary Clinton still completely refuses to take any blame from her loss. Even when she is taking responsibility, she refuses to take any responsibility.

“Look, I take responsibility for every decision that I’ve made, but that’s not why I lost.”

Watch the video.

39 Problems and a Hillary Ain't One

Hillary Clinton Explains Why She Lost With a Music Video

How long will this continue? Perhaps she will do another six months in the woods, followed by an announcement for her intention to run for president in 2020. We all need something to laugh and at this point that's about all Hillary Clinton is. Is it even possible that her own party takes her seriously at this point? Sadly, they probably do.

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Hat tip to the Daily Caller 

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