Let's all be thankful this woman is not the President of the United States. Crooked Hillary Clinton chooses Ramadan over Christmas.

A basic Twitter search shows you that Hillary Clinton celebrates Ramadan much more than she celebrates Christmas before. You can go back to 2015 to see her last "Merry Christmas" from social media. You can see her talking about Ramadan much more recently. She goes on and on about Ramadan and wishes Muslims ‘a blessed time of reflection and good health’.

Check it out.


So way back in 2015 was the last time Hillary Clinton wished anyone Merry Christmas from Twitter. Somehow she is still confused as to why she lost the election. Perhaps she should have paid some attention to Christian Americans.


While Hillary did not say a single word about Christmas this year, she did beg for donations for Onward Together. How disgusting is that?

Meanwhile, President Trump and First Lady Melania sent a powerful Christmas message to Americans. It included a quote from the Bible and it celebrated the birth of Christ. If that wasn't enough he was sure to wish Americans a Merry Christmas.

Watch the video:


Trump supporters took note and responded.





If you ever needed a reminder why Hillary Clinton would have been an awful president, she is sure to come back and give you one regularly.

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