This is a great video. This guy did a lot of work to make sure she gets caught. Hillary busted using teleprompter at debate. Check out this incredible video.

Indisputable evidence. This guy was at the debate and picked up on it while he was there. It is crazy that people are attending the debate and are wondering out loud what Hillary Clinton is up to. Instead of focusing on the issues at hand for our nation, people are curious as to how Hillary Clinton will cheat this time. What did you think about the video?

What do they keep putting underneath of Hillary Clinton's podium? A man kept coming up to the podium and putting something under the podium. This was a real time discussion going on when the attendees were waiting for the debate to start.

Hillary Busted Using Teleprompter

Hillary is rigging the debate by using a teleprompter to answer questions that were already determined before the debate started. Donald Trump needs to press the issue and make her pay and hold her accountable for cheating. While is is pressing the issue some, he needs to press it further. Donald Trump needs to make her pay for her lies and deceptions.

Do your part and help expose Crooked Hillary. Please like and share on Facebook so everyone out there can see that she is a liar and a cheater.

Hillary Busted Using Teleprompter at Debate


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