Despite criticizing Donald Trump for saying he would not accept the election results, Hillary is attempting to steal the election.

Hillary is attempting to steal the election

This all started earlier this week when a group of scientists claimed that the election results were hacked. They suggested for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. If these three stats were to be overturned it would give Hillary Clinton the victory. It is interesting that these claims were made in Michigan, as they use mostly paper voting, which is unable to be hacked.

From there the mainstream media took off with it and suggested Russian hacking may have occurred. Not really believable, but this is the Clintons we are talking about here.

Then instead of Hillary Clinton stepping up and asking for a recount, Jill Stein has asked for it. Yes, Jill Stein of the Green Party who had less than 1.4 million votes nationwide.

Stein started a $2.5 million fundraiser to pay for the recount on November 24. Overnight, on the hour her fund increased by exactly $160,000. There were not consistent donations happening of the exact same amount every hour. A bot was increasing her account by this much on the hour. Now the account is up to $4.5 million and she has filed for a recount in Wisconsin.

jill stein donations

The Clintons are trying to steal the election. Please like and share this on Facebook as the mainstream media refuses to report on it .


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