This honestly seems like something that you would see at the beginning of a scary movie. A man is hiking in the woods when all at once, he sees something on the ground that causes enough concern for him to call the police.

What he saw was a number of booby traps on the ground on the hiking trail that was obviously designed to hurt someone or put them in a position where they could fall into a trap and be kidnapped by someone else or even worse.

It makes me think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre something sharp was placed on the road so it would cause blowouts for travelers. The gullible travelers then would walk to find help only to find themselves in the hands of the actual people who set the traps in the first place.

Police are warning hikers and mountain bikers to be vigilant after someone apparently placed booby traps, including barbed wire and wooden planks with protruding nails, just beneath the surface of trails in a New Jersey park.

Wayne police say a resident told them he has been finding the traps on the trails at High Mountain Park since June 23. He has found broken bottles behind or next to rocks or logs, rope and barbed wire strung across pathways and wooden planks with screws and nails sticking out of them placed just under the road surface to injure hikers or pop bicycle tires, authorities say.

Police said the man's report about the traps was the first they'd heard of them; it wasn't clear if anyone had been hurt.

The discovery of these dangerous traps has caused some reluctance for people to travel along the trails now for fear that they or their pets may stumble upon one that wasn't found and get injured. All it takes is going into the wrong spot to find another trap set by some psychopath who wants to hurt someone.

NBC San Diego

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