President Obama is going out with a whimper. He's desperately grasping for straws. Hey Obama, it's time to face reality. Donald Trump is our president. President Obama was very defensive at his last press conference. Hillary's final campaign event had the appearance of a wake. This is not how they imagined things ending.

The Death of the Democratic Party?

Hey Obama

It was assumed that Obama would pass the torch to Hillary Clinton. Then they would expand their presence with the Supreme Court. Patriotism would be replaced with globalism. The climate-change movement would begin.

While heading down this path, something funny happened. The working party stood up and revolted against it. They got behind Donald Trump with hopes of a revival in the economy.

After this, the Democratic Party is at the lowest point it has been in quite some time. They have no presence at the White House and less of a presence in Congress.

The fate the Democrats are suffering is fully deserved. Hillary came up with excuse after excuse refusing to have any accountability. Instead of trying to relate to the working class, Hillary alienated them by calling them "deplorables." She was never able to recover from all of the lies. Soon after the Trump supporters were printing tee shirts that labeled them as deplorables.

We are yet to see whether or not Donald Trump succeeds as president, but he certainly succeeded at something else. Exposing the Democratic Party along with their flaws and lack of a gameplan. Whether or not they recover will be interesting to follow.




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