The CHOP/CHAZ zone in Seattle was a complete nightmare and a clear demonstration of utter failure on the part of leadership.

Many people were killed inside CHOP and one of those was 19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr. who was shot and killed inside the zone.

Now his grieving mother is suing the city of Seattle because city officials completely abandoned the "autonomous zone" which ultimately led to medical personal unable to get to Anderson as he lay dying inside CHOP.

Anderson was shot multiple times near the barricade of the CHOP zone and reports say that protesters prevented emergency services from entering the area.

“The mother of a 19-year-old Seattle man fatally shot last month in the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) zone filed a wrongful-death claim against the city of Seattle on Monday, alleging city officials created a dangerous environment by allowing protesters to occupy six city blocks and that police and fire officials failed to protect or medically assist her son,” the Seattle Times reported, citing the mother’s attorney.

Reports claim that the protesters were afraid that police may try to enter the 'autonomous zone' if they were to allow emergency services to come in and tend to the two injured men. Meanwhile, officials did not enact orders to retrieve the injured boy by force. Instead, it seems like protesters drove the two the hospital themselves- wasting valuable potentially life-saving time:

The lawsuit also claims that protesters impeded any potential investigation into the death of Anderson. Police, as of now, still do not have any suspects in the shooting.

The man's mother is claiming the city failed her son and that officials had a responsibility to help her son but chose to side with the CHOP protesters despite knowing violence was a possibility. For that, Anderson's mother says the city and its officials hold some responsibility for her son's death.

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