Praise the Lord! One more step has been taken in the right direction after Ohio Governor Mike DeWine signed the heartbeat bill on Thursday. The bill bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat has been detected.

An embryo's heartbeat can usually be detected around the 6th week of pregnancy, and sometimes even sooner. This bill, which is being signed in many states, will save millions of lives.

Citizens for Community Values President Aaron Baer told the press, “Gov. Mike DeWine is the strongest pro-life governor in the nation. With a stroke of a pen, he’s saved countless lives in the state of Ohio."

The bill was signed after it passed through the state House with a 56-39 vote on Wednesday. State senate also passed the bill with a vote of 18-13.

Ohio has had the chance to pass similar bills in the past when John Kasich was governor. However, the "Republican" vetoed the bill sin 2016 and 2018. How anyone can claim to be Republican but not pro-life is beyond me.

In addition to the abortions being outlawed, abortionists who still perform the procedure after a heartbeat is detected can face fines up to $20,000. They should also face jail time, in my opinion, for murder.

Many Republicans and pro-life groups are praising the legislation. Rep. Candice Keller said that it's “the most compassionate bill we’ve ever passed."

However, there are also negative nancies who do not want to give up the "right" to murder unborn babies. Dr. Michael Cackovic from the Ohio State University Medical Center said, “You’re going to be doing more procedures and subjecting women to more procedures and medications to get abortions, because they’re rushing between that four and five weeks to get it accomplished."

Democratic Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan also voiced her "concerns" on the bill. She said, “I’m concerned that we will have companies that will choose not to locate here due to our oppressive laws. I’m concerned that doctors will leave the state of Ohio."

It's sad that they are more concerned with companies and businesses than actual human beings who are being murdered in the womb. How desensitized has our nation really become?

I applaud Governor DeWine. He makes me proud to be an Ohio resident.

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