Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was at a rally in Fort Pierce, FL. During this rally, #HackingHillary was back at it. She tries to fight it off, but cannot.

The audience continuously cheers as she tries to will her way through the coughing fit that is coming. You can still hear a frog in her through as she fights through it.

This comes following months of speculation on her poor health. These are concerns that have worsened as the campaign moves into the final months.

The worst fit for #HackingHillary was on Labor Day. At this one, she could not even put a few words together. She blamed it on allergies. Check it out.

That coughing fit at the DC rally was incredible wasn't it? This was when double was seriously being cast over her being fit to be president. It got to be so bad, that eventually the campaign had to say it was a result of a case of pneumonia.


Somehow Hillary Clinton was able to hold it together for her first debate against Donald Trump. But with this most recent video doubt is once again cast over her health.

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