No one saw this coming, especially CNN. When a group of Ohio Democratic voters were asked about President Trump and how he has done in this first year on the job, they gave him rave reviews.

All of these Democratic voters had crossed party lines to vote for Trump in 2016. They voted for him because they agree with him and the key components of his campaign, including ending illegal immigration.

Per Daily Wire:

When asked how they thought he was performing, the group replied, "Fantastic," "Phenomenal," "Better than I ever would have dreamt," and "He's doing wonderful, he's staying on task."

The panel did not agree with the media and the Democrats' portrayal of Trump being a racist, as they also said he does not get a fair shake from the media.

One of the members of the panel, student Justis Harrison, a minority, said she met Trump and she did not think there was any reason to even suspect that he was a racist.

"He was just the nicest person and if he was a racist as everyone paints him out to be, he could have just walked right past me and not even said a word," Harrison said.

Watch the video:

No matter how much the mainstream media tries to push the "Trump is a failure" narrative, there are still stories like this that prove otherwise. These people crossed party lines, which is very rare, to vote for President Trump in the 2016 election. Over a year in they stand behind their decision.

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