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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting some much-unwanted attention after the public has learned about the coronavirus policy which he put in place that lets to the unnecessary deaths of thousands of people.

Now that the spotlight has been turned on him, he or someone on his staff has deleted the order which made it mandatory for nursing homes to take in COVID-19 positive patients.

Here is a copy of the order that has since been deleted.

The deletion of the order comes as failed and humiliated Democrat politician Hillary Clinton thanked Governor Cuomo.

Hillary Clinton lauded New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's response to the coronavirus pandemic and thanked state leaders for keeping people safe on Memorial Day.

"I'm missing our Chappaqua Memorial Day parade today while also feeling grateful to leaders like [Cuomo] for making responsible decisions to keep people safe. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday. @BillClinton and I will be waving our flags at home."

Clinton, who represented New York in the U.S. Senate from 2001 to 2009, included a photograph of herself alongside Cuomo at a previous Memorial Day celebration. The tweet was met with icy reactions on Twitter as many found it insensitive for Clinton to be thanking Cuomo for keeping people safe when the governor has been criticized for a now-reversed policy that forced nursing homes to take in thousands of coronavirus patients from hospitals.

The policy put in place by Gov. Cuomo has led to the deaths of at least 4,800 New York residents that could have likely been prevented by exercising common sense and not sending infected people to the most vulnerable population.

This is what happens when you put egotistical people in charge who have a god complex and think that they make stupid decisions.

Democrats want to try and blame President Trump for the deaths, but he has done everything in his power to control the outbreak and the Governors who actually know what they're doing have been able to control it properly, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Washington Examiner

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