The Republican lawmakers are fed up with Attorney General Jeff Sessions not taking action against Hillary Clinton. Now GOP lawmakers demand AG Sessions to investigate the corruption and crimes of Hillary or resign.

The people are waiting for justice.

On Monday GOP Congressmen Jim Jordan and Matt Gaertz demanded action. They are calling for Sessions to prove the FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email or resign.

GOP Lawmakers Demand AG Sessions To Investigate Hillary Clinton

Per Washington Times:

“It’s time for Jeff Sessions to name a Special Counsel and get answers for the American people. If not, he should step down,” the congressmen said in a piece for

They said Mr. Comey’s decision to draft an exoneration letter regarding Mrs. Clinton months before the end of the investigation, and well before the FBI talked to her, was troubling.

So, they said, was Mr. Comey’s handling of the anti-Trump dossier. They said if it was so concerning, the director should have briefed the president-elect well before the Jan. 6 briefing Mr. Comey delivered.

And the congressmen said the 2010 deal that saw the U.S. approve sale of uranium to Russian interests demands a more thorough investigation, saying it calls into question the independence of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is probing Trump campaign figures’ work with Russia.

Gaertz put forth a fiery speech from the House floor on Wednesday. He warned that the U.S. is "at risk of a coup d'etat," unless Special Counsel Robert Mueller resigns or is fired.

Gaertz's concerns about Mueller mirror his views on Hillary Clinton. Unless both of them are held accountable, the corruption will go unpunished.

Per The Hill:

“We are at risk of a coup d’état in this country if we allow an unaccountable person with no oversight to undermine the duly-elected President of the United States,” Gaetz said. “That is precisely what is happening right now with the indisputable conflicts of interest that are present with Mr. Mueller and others at the Department of Justice.”

“I join … in calling for Mr. Mueller’s resignation or his firing,” Gaetz continued.

[…]In his Wednesday speech, Gaetz also called on the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to “investigate the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One deal and the Fusion GPS dossier.”

Many are demanding Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign. Why? Because his investigation drifts further and further away from where they are supposed to be. He charged former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates with crimes that have absolutely nothing to do with Trump's 2016 campaign.

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