It appears that Google has removed all shopping search results for guns. They have went next level and even removed water guns and searches for the band "Guns and Roses."

If you haven't used the Google shopping tool, it is a search engine for anyone looking to purchase a specific item. That is, unless you are shopping for guns. Or water guns. Or toy guns. Or anything with the word gun in it.

Per Breitbart News:

Searches for “gun,” “guns,” “pistol,” “pistols,” “AR-15,” “rifle,” and “revolver,” in the shopping section of Google’s search engine will now fail to return any results, while other searches which have nothing to do with firearms but include the keywords similarly provide no results, including “toy guns,” “water guns,” “glue gun,” “Guns and Roses,” “Gundam,” “Top Gun,” “Naked Gun,” the Man With the Golden Gun,” “Shogun,” “Sex Pistols,” and even “burgundy.”

The fact that words including “gun” as part of the title have led many to suspect Google is running a filter specifically to remove any search result including those letters, as opposed to filtering by product category or vendor.

Google Removes All Shopping Search Results For Guns - Even Water Guns

A company like Google obviously has a lot of power. They are able to keep millions of searches for guns from finding a company who is selling the gun they are looking for.

Bing removed search results for "rifle" and "pistol" but has not censored other products with the word "gun" in them.

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

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