Rudolph Giuliani, former mayor of New York, is well known for telling it like it is. But even for him this was stepping it up at a notch with what he said about the Democratic National Convention.

He gave all of the information to Fox & Friends when it came to the security inside the DNC. Before him, no one knew anything.

Per Conservative Tribune:

“This is the most anti-police, anti-law enforcement convention I’ve ever seen in my whole life,” he said. “There was not a uniformed police officer allowed on the convention floor. I was told that by four high-ranking police officers, two of whom I’ve known for a very long time.

“And then I walked the floor for very long time and I couldn’t find a single officer,” Giuliani added. “Go look at your footage. You find me a uniform. Hillary Clinton didn’t want uniformed police officers on the convention floor.” (Emphasis added.)

To further establish the point, the liberals chanted "Black Lives Matter" when the DNC took a moment to honor the fallen officers of Dallas.

One day the officers will say they've had enough and head home. It's a good thing they didn't or the Bernie or bust crew would have burned the place down.

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