Folks, watch out! We've got a massive bombshell that is blowing the case in Georgia wide open.

There is now video evidence of what appears to be a woman passing a USB drive to her daughter while counting votes.

The woman's daughter, who she passed the item to is actually a supervisor over the election registration.

These are the same two women who moved a table and pulled out multiple suitcases of ballots and proceeded to count them after the daughter told the GOP workers and the media to go home because they weren't going to count anymore.

In the video below, you see Ruby Freeman's daughter come up to her and sit at her table while she's in the middle of working. Ruby's daughter, the supervisor comes up to her mom and speaks to her for about one minute. After that, and in my estimation, it looks like Ruby's daughter leans in and Ruby puts her hands on her daughter, bows her head and begins to pray.

While they're praying a man walks up and stands near them. It looks as though he's waiting around for them to finish so that's really what I believe they were doing. He's standing in a location that would partially block the view of the camera which I'm sure they were aware of was pointed toward them.

Then, after they finish praying, Ruby pulls something out of her purse and hands it to her daughter.

Now, it's the body language of everyone that gives this away. Something bad is happening here and they know it.

As soon as the mom hands her daughter the USB, the daughter's eyes look to her left to see if anyone was watching or maybe to find out if the camera could see her. Also, the way that she grasps the item and palms it in an inconspicuous way give away that she doesn't want it to be seen.

Then you'll notice that Ruby starts looking around as well to see if anyone saw what had just happened. Following that, when the daughter and the man are leaving together, he artificially stretched his arms in an effort to try and appear natural.

I thought it was funny that Hall of Fame running back Herschel Walker said that this was one of the best handoffs he's ever seen, even in his career in the NFL.

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