When President Trump was elected, this made many different minorities feel threatened. This included African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, and the LGBT community. Many people from these different groups took their protests to the streets. Some of them even assaulted the Trump supporters. Well, this man is a little different. This gay hispanic in California feels more hate for being Republican than being gay or hispanic.

While at Orange Coast College, gay hispanic Vincent Wetzel feels like he is being targeted by many people. Not because of his sexual preference or ethnicity, either.

Gay Hispanic in California Feels More Hate for Being Republican

Per Red Alert Politics:

“No one when they’re grading your poli sci paper is looking to see ‘is this a Hispanic student? Ok, we’ll grade in a certain way,'” Wetzel said in an interview with Red Alert Politics. “But when it comes to being a Republican, it’s like yeah you do have to write a certain way to get around the bias of your professors.”

Following Trump’s win, Olga Cox, a professor at OCC, was recorded on camera by a student saying that Trumps’ victory was “an act of terror.”

When one of your professors calls Trump's victory an act of terror, how can you possibly tell them you are a Trump supporter? What an impossible predicament to be in. Those types of reactions to Trump's win make it very difficult for someone in Vincent Wetzel's position.

It seems that maybe these students and professors should focus more on the jobs they have to do and the exams they have to take. It would be best if they "keep their heads in the game" wouldn't it? Instead of spending their time doing their jobs and learning, they spend it spreading hate and making students like Vincent uncomfortable.

Here is the entire conversation with Vincent. Listen below.

Gay Hispanic in California Feels Targeted for Being Republican

What an insane interview. How disgusting is this? He can't even enjoy the Trump win. Instead he has to live in fear as he is targeted by the liberals on campus. No one deserves to go through this!

Share this video and expose the far left and their disgusting motives.

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