You know as well as I do that the mainstream media is not even worth watching any longer. They have all degraded to such a state that you can't believe anything they say for the sheer reason that they have lied so many times that they are unreliable.

That's not to say that they can't be truthful, but they've cried wolf so many times, there is no reason to believe they're telling the truth even when they are.

A recent Gallup poll concludes what everyone already knew: nobody trusts the media.

The survey, conducted between March 13th through the 22nd, attempted to gauge how Americans felt about various institutions and how they have handled the coronavirus.

Guess who is at the very bottom of the list of who they trust the most...

At the top of the list was U.S. hospitals, followed closely by daycare facilities, employers, and even State governments. In fact, every single institution received a net positive view except the news media. See the full results below:


Of note, both President Trump and Congress received overall favorable results. This in response to the news media repeatedly taking President Trump out of context, and sometimes blatant misquotes. These approval ratings are the latest in a long decline in trust in the mainstream media outlets.

"Just to give you context, when we were polling in the time of President Nixon's impeachment, seven in 10 Americans said they had confidence in the honesty of the media they had access to in the United States,” Gallup's editor-in-chief Mohamed Younis said. "Today, only four in 10 Americans say the same. So there's been a general decline. That decline is most pronounced among Republicans, like I said in the past five years or so. But as of now, 41% of independents approve of the job that media has done in the Covid crisis, which is exactly the national average; 68% of Democrats share that view, and only 16% of Republicans ... So there is definitely a partisan angle to that.”

Honestly, people have no reason to be upset with President Trump over this. He has done things perfectly. He shut things down as soon as possible. The only reason that people have a problem with him over his response is because the media is telling them to have a problem.

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