The leftist fools are running rampant at the G20 Summit. This G20 protestor flips cops the bird, then tasted tear gas and took off running.

Anti-capitalists have been protesting like crazy at the G20 Summit, which is in Hamburg, Germany. There have been many clashes of violence between the protesters and police. The riot policed have used tear gas, water hoses, armored vehicles and flash bombs to disperse the aggressive crowds.

Watch this buffoon G20 protestor get dealt with.

G20 Protestor Flips Cops the Bird

The riot police simply did what they had to. This moment was caught by MSNBC and was actually quite funny. The protester thought he was the baddest man in the area as he flipped off the police and prepared for a standoff. Unfortunately for him, he had absolutely no chance. Once the tear gas headed in his direction he took off running along with everyone else. Nice try buddy!

The awkward shuffle the protester used to get away looked like something from a cartoon. It gets even better when the NBC news correspondent makes the hilarious statement, "clearly you can see the crowd doesn't like the tear gas."

All jokes aside, there have been some dangerous situations in Hamburg, even one involving Melania. Let's hope everyone stays safe over there and President Trump is able to accomplish what he set out to.

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