Gotta admit, didn't see this one coming. French President Emmanuel Macron says African women are having too many babies and the left is irate! Macron admitted that overpopulation is the root of the "civilizational" problems in Africa.

Per Infowars:

“The challenge of Africa is completely different, it is much deeper. It is civilizational today,” said Macron, adding, “One of the essential challenges of Africa….one of the countries that has seven or eight children born to each woman, you can choose to spend thousands of euros, but you will stabilize nothing.”

Leftists reacted to the speech by accusing Macron of engaging in racism.

“A repugnant speech….this is appalling,” tweeted Joe Prince, accusing Macron of suggesting Africa was “dumb & uncivilized” after France had exploited the country “to amass wealth” during its colonial days and that Macron “blaming someones civilization for their woes is racist.”

“He sucks much worse than I thought; he wants to shrink the legislature, kill unions, and thinks africans are stupid,” remarked Prince.

French President Emmanuel Macron

There were many others who agreed with Macron, admitting that he did pinpoint the major problem of overpopulation in African countries. There is absolutely no sign of this problem getting reeled in. Additionally, this will compound the issue of migrants flooding the country.

Despite pointing this out, Macron is a major supporter of refugees. A huge percentage of these migrants come from countries who are not at war.

Angela Merkel's refugee policy allowed more than a million migrants to enter the country since 2015. In January, Macron praised Merkel for this policy.

“They saved our collective dignity by taking in refugees and providing them with accommodation and education.” He went on to rip those who consider there to be a connection between open borders and Islamic terrorism. He labeled this as believing in a "hideous oversimplification."

Africans, listen to Macros. Less babies!

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