It already happened once with Rep. Ted Lieu and now a self-described "free speech activist" Nathan Bernard has taken a shot at it. He took something Candace Owens was caught on video saying out of context and twisted it to fit his agenda. Actually, he more than just twisted it. He changed the words completely and acted like he was directly quoting her.

Owens was on video saying, “If Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine.”

Check out the video:

She made things pretty clear. Nationalism has been given a bad name because it is associated with National Socialist Adolf Hitler, but in her mind globalism is the threat we need to watch out for.

Despite this, Bernard described Owens' quote as calling Hitler an "okay guy" and admitting she was cool with the genocide that went down within German borders.

Steven Crowder immediately put Bernard on the spot for quoting Owens as saying "Hitler was an okay guy."

Mark pointed out how the self-described free speech activist actually doesn't like free speech:

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

The left is so triggered by Owens that they are willing to make up lies in order to make her look bad. Nathan Bernard should be ashamed of himself for his outrageous interpretation of what Candace Owens said.

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