Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats are holding onto the articles of impeachment rather than turning them over to the Senate to begin the trial for President Trump.

Some people think that it's because they are trying to get the Senate to do something that they want, but who knows what?

Chris Wallace from Fox News has his own theory for why they are holding off on turning the articles of impeachment over to the Senate. He thinks that Pelosi is banking on Trump being impatient, and forcing McConnell to cave to their demands so that he can get his day in court. They don't know our President very well, do they?

According to Fox News,

Wallace pointed to a Fox News interview Thursday with Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., where he described Trump as "mad as hell" about the impeachment and the possibility of being "denied his day in court."

"The reason they're denying him his day in court is because they know their case sucks," Graham emphatically stated.
Wallace said he interprets Graham's comments to mean that Trump is frustrated and is eager for the Senate trial to begin.

“This is really getting under President Trump’s skin. He wants a trial. He wants the acquittal. Basically to the degree possible to erase the stain of impeachment. And to the extent that Nancy Pelosi holds that up, he doesn’t get what he wants. So I think what she may be counting on is that somehow the president will start pressuring [Sen.] Mitch McConnell,” Wallace said.”

Wallace also believes that McConnell is not going to budge for anyone, so this is another waste of time on the Dems part.

“People have lost a lot thinking Mitch McConnell was gonna bend to anybody’s will, but that seems to be Nancy Pelosi’s gambit at this point,” he concluded.


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