One issue Fox has is an aging audience. The median age of a Fox prime-time viewer is 68 years old. Should Fox get Tomi Lahren to address this issue? She would definitely go a long way in drawing in a younger audience. She is a brash, young bombshell Republican. Sure, she still needs some polish, but she could go a long way in drawing that younger audience. She takes a hard line stance against political correctness, which has made her extremely popular. If you aren't familiar with her, here is some of her work.

Per Dallas News:

Lahren is winning the internet. She has become a culture war phenomenon popping up in Facebook feeds by the tens of millions. Her viral videos are at the nexus of the presidential race, a divided public and the fast-changing world of partisan media. She speaks in buzz phrases that resonate with her base, casting herself as a truth-teller even as she can casually brush aside nuance, context and history.

Officially, Lahren is a commentator for The Blaze, a right-wing media firm based in Irving and founded by former Fox News star Glenn Beck. The Blaze is online and can be streamed through DISH TV. But Lahren’s real audience is on Facebook. She has 3.2 million fans. Her average video is watched 5 million times. Donald Trump is lucky to get 1 million views. That may change. His campaign recently brought her on to help attract millennials.

Should Fox Get Tomi Lahren?

It will be interesting to see which direction Fox goes to replace Megyn Kelly. Many feel that Kelly wore out her welcome long ago. It's very likely  that they at least give Tomi Lahren a look.


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