Former Trump Campaign Aide Sam Nunberg did not pull any punches when firing back at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders on Monday, telling her she needs to "shut her fat mouth."

This was during an interview. While speaking with Erin Burnett, Nunberg came in hot when responding to the comments Sanders made during her press briefing on Monday. “I know you may not like the way I say it — she should shut her fat mouth,” Nunberg said.

Burnett fired back, "I don't like that at all. I find that completely irrelevant."

Sanders was asked about the claim Nunberg made that the president "may have done something during the election." Sanders fired back, “I definitely think he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect.”


“As we've said many times before there was no collusion with the Trump campaign. Anything further on what his actions are? He hasn't worked at the White House so I certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge he clearly has,” Sanders added.

“She says I'm bizarre? I'm bizarre? It's pretty bizarre what her father does,” Nunberg said, referring to former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee.

Burnett then corrected Nunberg, saying Sanders never used the word “bizarre” to describe him during his recent string of interviews. “No, but she had her people do it on background,” he said.

“But what does her appearance have to do with it? I just want to be direct,” Burnett asked.

“Oh, no I didn't mean that. No. I meant that she should shut mouth about talking about me. That's what I meant. Not about her appearance,” Nunberg said.

Watch the video: Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg

Nunberg has certainly went rogue in his time after being a part of the Trump campaign.

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